’42’ is a Homerun at the Box Office and With Audiences

For weekend #15 the box office top 10 was down less than a million as compared to 2012. In the upcoming seven weeks, some of 2013’s most anticipated films will be released setting the stage for how well the 2013 box office will match-up against 2012. Although the year got off to a ridiculously slow start as is often the case it’ll be remembered more for its slate of summer blockbusters and how the year ends heading into Oscar season. While the past few weeks haven’t been terrible, I’m sure I’m in the majority when I say bring on the summer!

I have to say that my faith in humanity, or at the very least the general public that pays to go to the movies, has been fully restored; at least for the time being. It was great to see 42, a movie based on an inspiring story and technically a sports film, exceed box office expectations and be a big hit with audiences. Equally pleasant was how poorly Scary Movie 5 was received by audiences in bombing at the box office and should have finally put an end to the past its prime parity franchise.

The weekend’s big winner was without a doubt was the incredibly marketed and perfectly timed 42. The dramatic biopic about Hall of Fame baseball player Jackie Robinson set a record as the highest opening for a baseball film, and deservedly so. The film earned an extremely rare ‘A+’ Cinemascore, a score bestowed upon only 29 films since 1999. On Rotten Tomatoes critics were scoring the film an impressive 76% fresh with an even more impressive 89% of audience liking the film, and on IMDB 42 is currently rated 7.8. While I don’t expect 42 to finish in the #1 spot this upcoming weekend, I do expect a very solid hold.

And then we have Scary Movie 5, a film that took entirely too long to be made and suffered from lack of star power and years of parody films over-the market. Anyone who wants to argue that Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan are stars, I’ll counter by saying that I saw enough of their shtick on Sheen’s FX Network show Anger Management. The 5th film in the franchise easily had the franchise’s worst opening, and movie goers seem completely turned off and disinterested. Earning a lackluster ‘C-‘ Cinemascore and IMDB rating of 4.3, Scary Movie 5 was performing poorly on all fronts; and on Rotten Tomatoes critics were scoring the film an appalling 5% rotten although an explainable 79% of audience like the film. I think a drop of over 60% is to be expected in its second weekend, and we’ll see this monster tucked way back in the closet where it belongs.

Here’s the weekend top 10

2Scary Movie 5$14,157,367$18,000,000$14,157,367$14,157,367
3The Croods$13,115,074
4G.I. Joe:
5Evil Dead$9,488,302
6Jurassic Park (3D)$8,861,820
Has Fallen
8Oz The Great
and Powerful
9Tyler Perry's
Temptation: Confession
of a Marriage Counselor
10The Place Beyond
The Pines
*includes all prior release dates

Nick won the weekend and in doing so moved $3.6 million to the top spot held by me for the third consecutive week. I was able to finish 2nd for the weekend, picking up ground on everyone else. The big loser for the weekend, and no it wasn’t Shane who actually tied Jason for 4th place, was Trevor who really crapped the bed on both films this past weekend and now finds himself back in 5th place. As it stands now, Nick is the only person within $10 million of first place and Shane now sits over $113 million behind first place. This coming weekend should allow for a lot of possibilities as new release Oblivion has blockbuster written all over it.

On a side note, our good friends Trevor and Jason of the Movie Mavericks have created a Box Office Prediction site that allows for everyone, from the low-level film fan to the ridiculous movie buff, called Box Office Ace. The site is extremely user-friendly, filled with information and is an excellent resource for meeting up with others interested in the box office. All you have to do is register and start making your predictions, there are absolutely no costs involved to play. I highly recommend everyone check it out.

The Box Office Prediction Game – Week #15 results

Scary Movie 5
Weekend Total DifferenceYearly Total Difference
The Cinematic Katzenjammer
Daniel's Film Reviews
Movie Mavericks
Movie Mavericks
Film Rehab
*No prediction made for
Promised Land

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