The Avengers (2012)

I have to say The Avengers isn’t a good movie; it’s a GREAT MOVIE!!!! It’s not only the best team superhero movie ever made, but it may just be the best comic book adaption made period!

The Avengers is the culmination of what began in Iron Man; and continued through The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor and Captain America. It was only a few years ago that my son and I had just finished watching Iron Man and as the credits were ending, Samuel L. Jackson appeared on-screen as Nick Fury and spoke to Tony Stark about joining Avengers Initiative…in that short scene, the framework for potentially the greatest comic book film of all-time had begun!

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The Avengers Official Trailer #2 (5/4/2012 release date)

Second only to The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers is the my most highly anticipated movie of this coming summer. The trailer has a very, VERY Michael Bay feel to it; once you watch it, you’ll know what I mean. To use a basketball analogy, I’m concerned that there’s only 1 ball and not enough shots to go around….meaning, with so many big named characters in the film, I’m not convinced they are all going to get equal screen time and that we’re going to end up wanting more of the character(s) that are on screen less. Having said that, we get a lot of good stuff in this trailer. My personal favorite scene is when Hulk “catches” Iron Man.



Bob’s Top 10 Movies of 2011

As Joe did I wanted to place my top movies that I saw in 2011.  I will also add the disclaimer that I will only review list the movies that I saw so some might disagree with the selections.
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Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) – review

When I watch a movie that’s been previously written in some sort of book or comic series, I try not to think of the movie as that story but watch the movie for entertainment purposes.  Knowing that they are making an additional series of movies did make me pay more attention to Captain America.

Captain America went right at it with a couple heavy hitting character actors to back up Chris Evans as Steve Rogers, who was a very good Captain America.  Tommy Lee Jones and Stanley Tucci are very well known and played great supporting parts to keep the movie going with laughs and timely lines.  The beautiful Hayley Atwell was the great fresh face that gave a sexy but time period appropriate feel to the movie.  Dominic Cooper played a very good Howard Stark who also meshed in the necessary appropriate lines and settings for future Avenger movies.

Captain America

Director Joe Johnston could have went super crazy with more than just the technology advancements for the weapons used in the movie for time period WWII but didn’t.  He kept the mood of the lines and the actions of the actors very appropriate for the 1940’s.  All of the American troops were very time period sensitive except the appropriate use of Stark industries and HYDRA.  To me this made the movie more “believable”.  His use of the chosen music gave the movie an uplifting and positive USA vibe throughout, it made me feel like buying war bonds for the war effort.

I have a rule to live by when watching a movie and that is if it crosses 2 hours it better have a good reason to; this one did not. It could have been cut by about 15 minutes of needless attack scenes.  I give Johnston a lot of credit for his use of death in the movie, there was a lot of it but it was done in a tasteful way without the Saving Private Ryan gore.  This movie isn’t that kind of movie and I am glad Johnston didn’t take it in that direction. Not a movie in my opinion for small children but a very well rated PG-13, when I left the theater I was thoroughly entertained and glad I saw the movie.

Rating: PG-13
Screen Location: Cherry Hill Lowes
Children: Double digits there is a lot of Star Wars kills but not graphic violence
Award Worthy: No
Entertaining: Very
Summer Movie Grade: B+
Would I watch It Again: Yes